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Reloading Brass
"How many times do I touch each piece of brass before I throw it away?"

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A must have tool for oil:

A friend said,"I have been shooting for 25 years and very rarely had a jam in my guns. All of a sudden in two matches my gun would jam early in the morning. Later that day, when I tested everything the gun ran fine. The only new thing I am doing is using FrogLube. "  Do your research on this first!!!!!

Slide Guide?

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Earmuff-booties ( Amazon - large stretchable headphone covers - black - bag of 100; $17.00 ) [Scan Sound, Inc]

Reloading (my notes):

Which reloader?
If you do not start with a Dillon,
you will end up with one!
Life time No-BS Warranty!

Which dies? Lee Precision ( full case resizing at deprime, special bullet seating precision die, special final crimp die ), these give you all the precison I have found necessary.


LED's for Dillon 650: are very useful
Stands are a must:
Bullet Trays are a must:

Brass/Case Loaders  
( Do not purchase the ebay case loader that is NOT made by Dillon )

Issues during reloading: Brass comes down the case feeder upside down,

material in case - (rocks or 22 brass) causes depriming to jam or foul,

primer advance issue and no primer,

powder jumps out in transition from station 2 to 3 or  station 3 to 4,

bullet slips down and is not go in correctly.

Handgun Springs:

Reloading References:

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Power Factor for USPSA
      What is it? The power factor rating to enable a competitor’s scores to be included in match results is called                        “Minor”. Some Divisions offer a higher power factor rating called “Major”, which enables competitors to earn                more points for peripheral shots on scoring paper targets. Taken from the 2014 USPSA Handbook

       How to Calculate?Power Factor = bullet weight (grains) x average velocity (feet per second) / 1000
           The final result will ignore all decimal places (e.g. for USPSA purposes, a result of 124.9999 is not 125).                       Taken from the 2014 USPSA Handbook

       Load data for gun 1 do not result in same power factor for gun 2!!!!!  Do not assume your gun's resulting powder            factor for a load will be the same as the publisher of the load data. You MUST Chronograph your rounds.

       Now What? [ load some well below the published data or start real low with the powder, test 5-10 rounds, add               .2 grains, retest and record the results, continue until you reach the desired load. Note, you gun must be                       designed for over pressure or you can damage the gun and or harm yourself.

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DryFire Notes
Steel Workers Template
webpageedit info
Ultimate Eye Support
ProCap Laboratories
430 Parkson Road
Henderson, NV 89011

800-944-9999 to order direct. If you go through HSN many times they have free automatic shipping or other discounts/specials

800-808-7311 for questions on the product

Best to order on Home Shopping Network


USPSA Targets (shipping is a very expensive portion $38.00 per order)
    1- www.targetbarn.com $00.69
    2- letargets.com $00.69

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